International investment arbitration is a complex and ever-changing field of law, which puts sophisticated counsel in high demand. Many countries have opened their doors to foreign investors, providing an array of different protective measures commonly known as Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). At the same time, countries and investors have become exposed to potential international investment disputes, whether in arbitration or local proceedings.

The hybrid nature of international investment arbitration requires a deep level of knowledge and expertise. This assistance is valuable at the initial structuring of an investment, limiting exposure to risk later on. Advice from skilled counsel ensures that a business can enjoy a lower chance of international investment disputes throughout all stages of its development.

Our team has seasoned expertise in structuring investments and has worked on some of the most prominent international investment arbitration cases in the region. We are ideally placed to provide quick relief to investors and assistance to states looking to update their investment protection regime.

Our international investment arbitration offering stands alongside our general investment protection services, which include dispute advice as well as strategic deal and arbitration agreement counselling.



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