The rise of global business activity has reshaped the landscape of foreign investment and arbitration proceedings, in particular investor-state dispute resolution. Investors now come from all traditions and backgrounds, leading governments to rethink their role in the arbitration process and possible out of court settlements. Today, it is not only investors in risk-prone jurisdictions that need to take special care of their investments in times of insecurity. Political, economic and financial changes in even the most stable countries can also expose a once-thought-safe investment to severe harm.

The current regime of arbitration proceedings involving foreign investors and host countries is undergoing fundamental changes. More recent developments have caused international investment arbitration to become more public, transparent and accountable. A sharp eye on global and regional political developments such as these is essential to give clients what they need – and we deliver.

We accompany our clients’ global investments throughout all steps in arbitration proceedings – before, during and after a conflict has arisen – in a wide range of key industries, including energy, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, construction, engineering, natural resources and financial services. Utilizing our experience in representing both investors and states in high-value arbitration proceedings, we support states in managing their investment relationships in line with their international legal commitments, as well as draft treaties and domestic legislation.



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