All disputes are different – each as unique as the parties involved. We work relentlessly to the benefit of our clients’ success. Our advice is honest, straightforward and pragmatic, our expertise is specialized and exemplary, and our advocacy is well honed and refined.

We take care of our clients throughout the lifecycle of the dispute resolution process, from drafting a dispute resolution clause to representing them in each stage of the process once a dispute has arisen. This includes the proceedings on the subject matter of the dispute, as well as any enforcement proceedings.

Our lawyers explore innovative strategies and provide a full and comprehensive range of all available legal dispute resolution services, including court litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

We offer a sophisticated team with experienced lawyers, qualified and experienced in multiple jurisdictions. Thanks to our global network of partner firms, we are ideally suited to take on any domestic or cross-border dispute.

We aim at resolving disputes quickly and effectively, ensuring as little interference with our clients’ day-to-day business as possible, whether in settlement negotiations or in litigious proceedings.



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