Consolidated Knowledge

The fast-paced, high-value industry that has developed around professional sport and the rising popularity of major sporting events has led to an increase in the number of sport-related disputes. Sports arbitration includes disputes of both a commercial and disciplinary nature, such as the licensing and transfer of athletes, penalties, and anti-doping cases, as well as contractual issues like employment, advertising and sponsorship, franchising, and television and image rights. Very often, these disputes entail high personal stakes, with entire careers on the line, particularly in the case of disciplinary proceedings.

While the legal questions arising in these disputes are diverse, a profound knowledge of this business sector is paramount to their just resolution. The sports industry is often rightly described as a world of its own and as such it requires careful navigation.

Hands-on Experience

Our lawyers offer know-how and experience in this sector, advising and acting for clients before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and in other sports arbitration cases. We approach each case in a way that pays heed to the specific circumstances as well as the personal stakes involved. We understand the necessity of aligning legal strategy with overall policy and communications, and clients can make use of our relevant contacts with other professionals in this regard.

We handle cases for international and national federations, associations, clubs and other institutions, as well as athletes, players, agents, event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters and other media outlets.


We represented an ATP tennis player in a CAS arbitration appeal against the decision of a sports federation to place a ban for life following allegations of match fixing.

We advised a professional football club in its dispute with various players concerning transfer payments.



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