Dispute Advice


Our dispute advice services cover the nuances of commercial deals and local markets, and we design strategies to help our clients minimise and prevent costly, time-consuming legal battles.

We offer risk management and dispute advice services throughout the lifecycle of major transactions, projects and products. Our team manages the contract, assesses the status of the commercial relationship, and resolves issues before they escalate. Our guidance includes:

  • Focused consultation on tender stages and drafting, including effective arbitration agreements
  • Comprehensive insight into all aspects of a deal, including investment protection measures
  • Vigorous management standards and systematic maintenance reviews.

If a transaction breaks down, we look at all options to help assess potential disputes and determine whether negotiation or legal action is more appropriate. We also aim to protect a client’s reputation and manage public relations issues, where risks are at an all-time high in the era of social media.

Our legal expertise and network of business partners allow us to offer comprehensive dispute advice services in addition to strategic deal counselling, investment protection and international investment arbitration, as well as arbitration agreement counselling.



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