M&A and Post-M&A



Economic developments over the last century have led to increasing numbers of joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions, resulting in the considerable growth of globally operating companies. International M&A transactions are still a significant part of the long-term expansion plans of businesses worldwide.

As auction procedures have become more widely used, the structure of post-merger transactions is attracting greater attention, in particular when involving M&A arbitration proceedings. Executive boards now also face more M&A-related litigation threats, particularly where compliance is involved. Integrated, multidisciplinary advice from M&A dispute experts ensures that the parties’ objectives will be less exposed to risk in the future.


Our services are individually tailored to businesses and their M&A arbitrations or post-M&A disputes, whether these concern restructuring or refinancing, strategic realignment or transactions in distress. Our lawyers have excellent knowledge of M&A-related matters, including cross-border matters or those requiring industry-specific expertise. The team also assists in the preparation of various asset and share deals. Our network across Central and Eastern Europe offers comprehensive M&A arbitration advice on projects related to the region.

Our vast experience in M&A also enables us to advise on all types of post-M&A disputes, including indemnification, representations and warranties, guarantees, and post-closing purchase price adjustments.

Representative Cases

We represented the former owners of a pharmaceutical company in a post-M&A dispute against one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We represented an international real estate and financing company in a post-acquisition arbitration over a real estate project in Eastern Europe.

We represented a major banking consortium in a fast-track arbitration relating to the squeezing-out of minority shareholders.

We represented a major Austrian construction company in a post-M&A dispute arising out of the purchase of a mining company in Eastern Europe.

We represented an international US investment house in a post-M&A dispute arising out of the Sale and Purchase Agreement of a software company.

We represented a leading Austrian electricity producer in a dispute relating to the acquisition of shares in a formerly state-owned electricity distribution company in Eastern Europe.



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