Telecommunications and IT


Consolidated Knowledge

Telecommunications and information technology have a significant social, cultural and economic impact on modern society and are central to building a global presence.

Disputes in telecommunications and IT often involve joint ventures, syndicated transactions, cross-border consortiums and other contractual frameworks. The establishment of a consortium typically has both legal and commercial implications, and any resulting dispute often involves complex technical as well as regulatory challenges. Preserving trade secrets is of critical importance, making arbitration an ideal solution in IT disputes.

Our team is experienced in advising on and, where necessary, rigorously pursuing disputes in the telecommunications and IT industries.


Our lawyers combine in-depth proficiency in the relevant legal fields with profound technical knowledge and understanding, helping us to work efficiently with our clients in the sector and alleviating the burden and impact of telecommunications and IT disputes on their operations to the largest extent possible. In addition to their legal expertise, several of our lawyers possess technical qualifications and have practical experience in the industry, making them ideally suited to lead and coordinate effective teams in disputes in the sector.

Our clients benefit from the team’s technical understanding of high-stakes conflicts, our local expertise and the highest international standards of legal service.


We represented an investment bank in a dispute arising out of the purchase of a state-owned telecommunications company in Eastern Europe.



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