The legal framework for arbitration

General Information

  • UNCITRAL Model-Law based: Yes.

  • Legal Provisions: Greece distinguishes between domestic and international arbitrations. For domestic arbitrations, Articles 867-903 of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure (GCCP), enacted by Law No. 503/1985 apply. For international disputes, the International commercial arbitration: Law 2735/1999 governs applies.

Arbitral Institutions

  • Department of Arbitration of the Directorate of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

  • Piraeus Association for Maritime Arbitration (PAMA)

  • Hellenic Mediation & Arbitration Centre

  • Hellenic Chamber of Shipping 

  • Chamber of Technical Companies (TEE)

  • Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE)

Multilateral Conventions

  • New York Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 16 July 1962); reservations: The present Convention is approved on condition of the two limitations set forth in article I (3) of the Convention.

  • European Convention: No.

  • ICSID Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 21 April 1969).

  • Energy Charter Treaty: Yes (ratification/accession: 16 July 1997).


Last updated February 2019