The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations

31. Jänner 2023

Konrad Partners signs the Green Pledge and is a supporter of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations.

We are pleased to announce that Konrad Partners signed the Green Pledge and is now a supporter of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, which addresses the need for environmentally sustainable practices and aims at reducing the carbon footprint of international arbitrations through behavioral change.

The key components of the Campaign revolve around three main considerations, which are mutually dependent: using green energy resources, minimizing waste and reducing travels. Specifically, it is strongly encouraged the use of electronic communication and electronic submissions, as well as resorting from unnecessary travels. Moreover, it is advised to use, where possible, the suppliers and service providers who are also committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

Signing the Pledge, Dr Christian Konrad, managing partner, commented “We all have an impact on our environment, often not a positive one. Environmental sustainability is not a new concept, but is so crucial and relevant in our daily life more than ever. As a multi-jurisdictional business, arbitration is certainly a contributor to the negative impact on the environment. To reduce our carbon footprint, we already encourage and implement many of the guiding principles by choosing sustainable practices. We strongly support the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations and are proud to be contributing to the preservation of the environment alongside our colleagues worldwide."

Find more about the Green Pledge and the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations here.