Austrian Arbitration Academy - Summer Program 2022

9. August 2022

Dr. Christian W. Konrad lectured at the Summer Program of the Austrian Arbitration Academy, which took place at Lake Wolfgang, Austria.

Konrad Partners' mission to educate and inspire students and young practitioners to international arbitration continues. Dr Christian W. Konrad has held a lecture on "Arbitral Proceedings" as part of the Summer Program of the renowned Austrian Arbitration Academy, which took place in July 2022 at Lake Wolfgang, Austria.

In his presentation, Dr. Konrad laid emphasis on the procedural framework of arbitral proceedings and the specifics of the procedural order no. 1, sharing his experience both as counsel and as arbitrator.

Besides the Summer Program, Dr Konrad contributes also to the Winter Program, where he shares his insights into the arbitral awards.

The Austrian Arbitration Academy is organized the Sommerhochschule of the University of Vienna and is aimed at students and law school graduates as well as young practitioners from all over the world. If you would like to participate in the next editions, please follow the Austrian Arbitration Academy announcements.