The Legal Framework for Arbitration

General Information

  • UNCITRAL Model-Law based: Yes.

  • Legal Provisions: The Arbitration Act 1995 (as amended in 2010).

Arbitral Institutions

  • Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA)

  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya

Multilateral Conventions

  • New York Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 10 February 1989); reservations: In accordance with Article I(3) of the said Convention the Government of Kenya declares that it will apply the Convention to the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards made only in the territory of another Contracting State.

  • European Convention: No.

  • ICSID Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 3 January 1967).

  • Energy Charter Treaty: No.


Last updated February 2019